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The Customer is required, before forwarding his purchase order, to carefully read these General Conditions of Sale:

The forwarding of the purchase order implies the full knowledge and acceptance of the same.

When the Customer pays for a product, he agrees to purchase it at the price and terms indicated in these General Conditions of Sale.


When the Customer makes the purchase, the characteristics of the product are illustrated online in the relative product sheet, at the price indicated, to which delivery costs are added, which depend on the destination.

(EU 10€/15€ - WORLDWIDE 20€/30€).



Before forwarding the purchase order, the unit cost of each selected product is summarized, as well as the total cost in the event of the purchase of several products and the related delivery costs.



Once the purchase order has been submitted, the Customer will receive confirmation of receipt of the order via message to their e-mail box, with a further summary of the purchase, which will include the main characteristics of the purchased good, detailed indication of the price and delivery costs.

To sell an asset:


The item must reflect the three requirements on which our business is based, namely

"vintage, pre-owned or luxury".


To verify the same, the Customer is requested to send the photographic material necessary by

e-mail in order to proceed with the sale.


Once it has been ascertained that the product is consistent with the spirit of our shop, photos and videos of the codes and details of the object will be provided, in order to subject them to strict authenticity checks. 


Once the authenticity verification phases have been passed, the net value of the item for the private individual and, consequently, the final sale price to the public will be established together.



According to the anti-money laundering law provided by the “Legislative Decree 21 November 2007, n. 231”, the Private person will be entered in the Business Register and must necessarily provide a valid identity document and his/her tax code, in full compliance with the Privacy Regulations, so that, according to the law, each article can be connected to its original owner.



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